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You’ve been on my mind. I’ve been wondering what it is you’re hoping for, and I’ve been hoping you’re living like you’ve already gotten it.

Last June I entered a contest. It’s for writers. We submit a cover letter and a true story with the hopes of being chosen to attend a free conference this October where we learn the art ... Read More

I spent last Friday afternoon in a women’s prison. I was there visiting someone I’ve started to think of as a friend. She’s the mom of a little boy I love.

Why she’s there probably isn’t important. Why are any of us where we are? Maybe we said “Yes” one too many times or our “No” came too late to count.

Anyway, ... Read More

I’m sitting at a table with a large tray in front of me. An assortment of half-finished puzzles and dozens of puzzle pieces are waiting for assembly.

As I look at the tray, I struggle to make sense of it. I see portions of my life: time I’m spending with my family… sitting in my chair writing…cheering on my ... Read More

I am vehemently opposed to wearing white pants. Not for anyone else. Just for me.

I have all kinds of reasons: white pants are only for super skinny girls, I don’t have the right color underwear, I have to be careful where I sit. I can’t eat ketchup or salsa. The list is never-ending.

Guess what? A few weeks ago I ... Read More

I talk a lot about my mom in my writing and presentations, but today, I’d like you to meet her.

Drumroll please…. Presenting, MY MOM!

If I were really good at this Faith thing, I would be less haunted by fears and past failures.

If I were really good at this Faith thing, I wouldn’t get so annoyed by people and pet peeves.

If I were really good at this Faith thing, I would have the right words to encourage and the energy to jump in ... Read More

Eyes closed, body still, a mild breeze brushed across my face. My mind floated back in time. I could see myself standing in my backyard, pushing my kids on the swing.

“Momma, how do we know God is real?”

The question seemed to pop out of the sky.

“We can feel Him.” How could I put this concept into words a child ... Read More

I’ve often wondered if I was praying right. Is there one type of prayer that pleases God more than another?

As a young child, I learned we are to recite our prayers to God out loud, preferably on our knees. Then I found out I could pray to him quietly in my mind, which made my prayers a whole lot more ... Read More

I’m on a little fishing trip with my 8 year old and we had an interesting conversation about exact change that led me into thinking about kindness.

And here’s Ben’s big catch…

Hello from LaLaLand! In place of my usual blog post, I’m going Vlog — the video version! Check out Jordan’s interview on the Hallmark Channel USA on Home & Family this Wednesday. We’ll be talking about Cozys for the Cure!