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Four years ago in July, I had a breast removed. The diagnosis was stage 2 lobular carcinoma. To you and me, that simply means breast cancer.

It seems like a lifetime ago, but if you bring it up to my family, they still have a lot to say about that time. And you know what? It’s not all bad.

My daughter, Jordan, ... Read More

Do you ever wonder if your kids or grandkids are going to turn out OK? I’ve spent more hours than I can count worrying about what my kids eat (or refuse to eat).

I try so hard not to micromanage them, but gosh it’s hard. When we’re away from the dinner table, I wonder if they’re reading enough. Should we be ... Read More

When I was in college, I worked at a place called The Bridge Bar. It was appropriately named since it was indeed tucked next to a big bridge in a tiny town of about 200.

Being on the river, we had lots of boaters each summer, but my favorite customers came in on Sunday afternoons. They stopped by on something called ... Read More

It’s June, and yet if you happen to mention the past winter to anyone in North Dakota, you will still hear, “Uff da, the worst we’ve ever had.”

Sometimes they follow it up with, “I’m putting my house up for sale.” It’s unclear whether or not they are joking.

Fargo resident Avis Dolan knew she better get out of Dodge before her ... Read More

Have you ever heard of Jessy Haberman? Barb Haberman, a summer resident of Detroit Lakes, Minn., introduced me to the little boy whose kindness has truly become contagious.

“Imagine yourself at 4 years old having an infusion at a cancer center wondering, ‘Who are all these strange people and what are they doing to me?’ Then someone gives you a ... Read More

I celebrated my birthday at the beginning of May by asking people for ideas of little acts of kindness I could do on my big day.

It was fun hearing about all the ways people had celebrated their own birthdays in the past. My favorite ideas came from Pixie Neece, of Fargo, who gathered her friends and dedicated the entire day ... Read More

My friend, Heather, died of cancer when we were 30. I remember walking through a deli with her when she was deep in the battle. I noticed how other people looked at her out of the corner of their eyes.

When my friend noticed another woman wearing a scarf over a bald head, Heather marched right over to her, said “Hello!” ... Read More

I know there are kind people all over the world, but there are certain things that come across my computer that leave me thinking, “That could only happen in North Dakota.”

Or maybe it’s a small-town thing. I don’t really know, but isn’t it nice to hear that goodness still exists in our communities and people will go out of their ... Read More

When I was little, my mom taught English as a Second Language.

Now in her 70s, she continues to teach. She has always had a heart for people who are new to our country. I’ve often wondered about the impact she has made on her students that she’ll never know.

Sometimes all it takes is one person in our corner, believing in ... Read More