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Do you believe the world is a better place because you’re in it? I mean do you truly believe that?

I think it’s dangerous to see ourselves as just another bulb in a string of lights wrapped around a Christmas tree. We think, “If my bulb goes out, no big deal… the other bulbs will keep the tree beautiful.”

But that’s ... Read More

I’ve heard people say, “Just look to the Word. Everything you need to know is in the Bible.”

So I’d get confused about a big life question and then open my Bible to a story about how the Levites were commanded to camp around the Tabernacle.


Not only do I not comprehend what that possibly means for me, there are at ... Read More

There is a brave mom in my town who is a warrior. She never would have considered herself a warrior, but when it comes to our kids, we can often find strength we don’t know we have.

This mom has a son who was hating school. Now I don’t mean hating, I mean HATING. He would get physically ill before ... Read More

My husband is not a reader. Unless you count or a variety of online news sources, he pretty much goes for human interaction before settling into a good book.

He has been known to read the atlas in the bathtub, but since that’s mainly pictures, I’m not sure it counts.

Imagine my surprise when I walked onto the back ... Read More

I didn’t win.

Remember that Guideposts Writer’s Workshop I told you about a few weeks ago? I was eagerly anticipating the call that said, “Congratulations! You’ve been selected…”

Yeah. That call never came. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday all came and all day long I stuck to my phone like glue, but the call never came.

Have you ever been in that place? Waiting for ... Read More

You’ve been on my mind. I’ve been wondering what it is you’re hoping for, and I’ve been hoping you’re living like you’ve already gotten it.

Last June I entered a contest. It’s for writers. We submit a cover letter and a true story with the hopes of being chosen to attend a free conference this October where we learn the art ... Read More

I spent last Friday afternoon in a women’s prison. I was there visiting someone I’ve started to think of as a friend. She’s the mom of a little boy I love.

Why she’s there probably isn’t important. Why are any of us where we are? Maybe we said “Yes” one too many times or our “No” came too late to count.

Anyway, ... Read More

I’m sitting at a table with a large tray in front of me. An assortment of half-finished puzzles and dozens of puzzle pieces are waiting for assembly.

As I look at the tray, I struggle to make sense of it. I see portions of my life: time I’m spending with my family… sitting in my chair writing…cheering on my ... Read More

I am vehemently opposed to wearing white pants. Not for anyone else. Just for me.

I have all kinds of reasons: white pants are only for super skinny girls, I don’t have the right color underwear, I have to be careful where I sit. I can’t eat ketchup or salsa. The list is never-ending.

Guess what? A few weeks ago I ... Read More

I talk a lot about my mom in my writing and presentations, but today, I’d like you to meet her.

Drumroll please…. Presenting, MY MOM!