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Sometimes I will be at the store, and know I’m supposed to buy something for someone, but I don’t know who. Or I’ll be packing for a trip, and I know I’m supposed to throw in a few extra books I’ve written but I don’t know why.

It’s always fun when I figure out the people who were meant to be ... Read More

What would your nine-year-old self think of you right now? Would the younger you be in awe that you even made it to __ years old? Would that youthful being say, “Way to go!” or “What the heck were you thinking?”

I know one thing: whether we are hitting life on the mark or need to readjust our aim, our younger ... Read More

Have you chosen a word for 2022? Is it Journey or Joy or Rest or Resilience? Are you wondering what I’m even talking about?

Lots of people pick a word each January as their foundation for the year ahead. It’s the thing they come back to in chaos; the place of growth or gratitude in which to return.

My word this year ... Read More

I woke up this morning and tried to think about something kind and heartfelt and inspiring to tell you. You know — maybe a little sappy and still in the Birth of Jesus spirit?

Yeah, no.

I just want to laugh. Full out peeing my pants laughter or a fit of giggles will do.

Maybe you do too! So today, I present ... Read More

Poor Dennis. He taught me how to play pickleball almost a year ago and then he had to go ahead and beat me four games in a row today. Or maybe it was five. I lost count.

As I packed up to go, he threw a ball in my bag. It wasn’t my ball. It was one that had gotten stepped ... Read More

“I always believed in God. I didn’t always know He believed in me.” -Matt Maher from Christmas with The Chosen: The Messengers

I heard those words as I sat in the dark movie theater. It was a record-screeching, everything comes to a halt, moment.

I grabbed my phone and the friend next to me simply said, “Yup.” She had heard it too, ... Read More

I’m not above bribery.

This morning I woke up to find a note next to my computer:


When I wake up ask me about Psalm 23. I know it but I will forget to do it for you if you don’t remind me.”

I have three children, but the one who left this note didn’t need to sign it. He knows ... Read More

Left or right, Dad? Left. Up or down? Down.

The ornaments were laid out on the tray table in front of my father. As I picked each one up, I’d ask him where we should put it.

This is the first tree my dad and I have decorated together in at least 25 years. I was 21 and he was 58. Both ... Read More

Saul is a college basketball coach. He came home from practice the other night, and as usual, called out, “Hellooooo!” as he opened the door.

As usual, he dropped his work stuff on the floor and headed straight to the kitchen.

After he got some food in his belly, he returned to the couch, as usual, and opened his computer.

Once he got ... Read More

Please don’t call me busy.

Busy means I don’t have time to talk on the phone.

Busy means I can’t come to your house for coffee.

Busy means there are more important things in life than you.

And that’s simply not true.

If I tell you I’m too busy, it means I’ve done a bad job of creating margins in my life.

It means I need ... Read More