Today I’ve decided to become more like Alaina.

Don’t know Alaina? Take my word for it, she’s awesome. I mean, she had a UNICORN at her birthday party, how awesome is that?! The girl has style.

Alaina is seven and a few weeks ago she graduated from first grade. First grade was a pretty big deal for Alaina and her family because this is the first year she has gone to school in an actual school building. That’s like two years of learning social graces, classroom behavior and how to read all in one! Uff dah. I’m tired just thinking about it.

(Let’s pause for a round of applause for our teachers. THANK YOU, TEACHERS! I hope you get to spend the entire summer planting a garden or sitting lakeside sipping mocktails – or actual cocktails if that’s your thing.)

Back to the story … so the end of the school year comes and the teacher hands out the yearbooks. Alaina notices a boy in her class has tears in his eyes. I’ll let Alaina tell you about it.

“I asked him why he was so sad, and he said it’s because he didn’t get a yearbook. His mom forgot to order him one.”

Any guesses on what happened next?

“I went to my desk and gave him mine. He said thank you and I could tell this made him happy.”

That sweet unicorn and rainbow loving child gave her yearbook to the sad kid! And it made him happy! GAH! I love KINDNESS!

Did you notice what Alaina didn’t do? She didn’t calculate the cost of giving. She didn’t ruminate about how she would be 60 years old someday and not have a first-grade yearbook. She had something to give today, so she gave it!

That’s why I’ve decided that starting today, I’m going to try to be like Alaina. I already love unicorns and rainbows, so that’s a start.

*** Epilogue to Alaina’s story: When Alaina got into the car at school pickup, she told her mom the story. While her mom appreciated her daughter’s act of kindness, she wasn’t so thrilled the next day when she called the school to order a replacement and they didn’t have any. I’m guessing when Alaina looks back years from now, she will know it was worth it.