HOPE BOLDLY. Those are the first words you see when you visit the website of “Unseen,” a capacity-building nonprofit that accelerates the work of anti-trafficking organizations. In this week’s episode of The Kindness Podcast, I’m joined by Than Baardson, the CEO and Founder of Unseen, for an update on their work and some tips to … Read More

Just over three years ago, Anna Malus-Kitzmann had an incredibly successful career in advertising. She was working with amazing clients on big household brands. But something was wrong. Anna says she felt burned out and unfulfilled, so she pivoted.

In 2018, Anna started The Good Campaign, a marketing, community and social platform created to promote kindness … Read More

Anna Dravland was planning her first big kindness event when she had a massive stroke that nearly took her life. Thanks to her support system, that first Spread Goodness Day still happened and it was wildly successful.

Anna is prepping for the third annual Spread Goodness Day on March 13, 2020 and I knew as part … Read More

There are those people in our communities who just exude kindness. Anytime there is someone in need or something that needs to be done, they always seem to be involved.

Jill Wiese from Washburn, ND is one of those people. Jill spreads kindness at home as a wife, mom, nurse, volunteer ambulance worker, church music leader … Read More

Don Carter was in law enforcement for 10 years before feeling like he needed to reclaim his humanity. The job was tough and the rewards were slim. When an act of kindness landed Don on The Steve Harvey Show and NBC Nightly News, he knew he was on to something. Since then, Don has used … Read More

Beth Shaw is the founder and CEO of YogaFit, the world’s largest yoga and mind-body school, established in 1994. She is responsible for bringing yoga into the mainstream. Beth’s most recent book, Healing Trauma through Yoga, reflects her own experience with healing and her personal philosophy of paying it forward through her non-profit organization, YogaFit … Read More

Georgeanne Irvine has been a spokesperson for wildlife and conservation for more than 40 years and is the director of corporate publishing for San Diego Zoo Global. She has written more than two dozen children’s books about animals, including San Diego Zoo’s new Hope and Inspiration collection, which features true tales about Zoo and Safari … Read More

On April 14th, 2009 Angelo Collazo and his wife welcomed their first daughter Alle Shea Collazo into the world. Alle was born with type II Osteogenesis Imperfecta also known as Brittle Bone Disease. Little Alle died after a five week battle. Angelo joins me to talk about how he has used kindness over the past … Read More

Bill Baker and Michael O’Malley are on a mission. They want to change the way organizations are managed. In their new book, Organizations for People, they dive into what makes a company a great place to work and the principles every organization can adapt and follow in its own unique way. Nicole talks with Bill … Read More

A bike ride with her young daughter changed the trajectory of Michele Gehrmann’s life. One colorful rock caught their eyes and inspired them to delight other people with a paint brush and a little bit of technology. A short time later, this IT pro had founded Go Rock!

You can join the Go Rock community with … Read More