It can be a devastating trial when a college student is cut off financially from their family after revealing their sexual orientation, but students don’t have to face it alone. delfin bautista is director of the LGBT Center at Ohio University and joins me along with Jan and Tom Hodson, to talk about a fund … Read More

The kindness of others helped Jeannette Maré heal after the sudden death of her three-year-old son Ben. She now extends that same kindness to others who are hurting through the Ben’s Bells project. Jeannette and thousands of volunteers craft ceramic bells which have traveled all across the world with the message to “Be Kind.”

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PBS KIDS is focusing on teaching children the importance of being kind with an entire week dedicated to kindness. It kicks off Monday, October 1!

Chief Programming Executive and General Manager of Children’s Media and Education at PBS, Lesli Rotenberg talks with Nicole Phillips on WOUB’s The Kindness Podcast about why this week is so special.

Feeling spiritually defeated and full of physical pain, Reba Riley challenged herself to try out 30 different religions before her 30th birthday. That experiment became the fascinating book, Post Traumatic Church Syndrome. In this episode of the The Kindness Podcast, Reba talks with Nicole about religion and how kindness plays a role in spirituality. … Read More

Dr. Neal Nybo helps people find clarity and direction in their lives with kindness. Whether at a church, business or in one-on-one interactions, Neal leads people through difficult conversations and puts them on a path to their goals. In all he does, he emphasizes the importance of recognizing the power of kindness. Meet him at … Read More

Since 2011, people have been singing Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” lyrics encouraging people to love themselves and all the things that make them different. The next year, Born This Way Foundation was founded to spread the same message. Nicole talks with Shadille Estepan, a program director for Born this Way, about how the foundation … Read More

Corey Harnish is on a mission to make kindness fun! He is CEO of Better World International which has gamified kindness with their flagship project, The Good Cards. It’s a social impact, real-time app empowering people to do good deeds by combining social activism with global awareness for living happier and more fulfilled lives. Learn … Read More

On December 12, 2014, Mark Barden’s life changed after learning his son, Daniel, was killed during a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. He turned his grief to action in founding Sandy Hook Promise. He talks with Nicole about how he is using kindness to prevent future tragedies. You can learn more about Mark’s work … Read More

Dr. Jen Faber is a businesswoman, chiropractor and author, but her favorite role is as someone who shares the message of self-love. Jen and Nicole talk about the importance of Living well now to avoid regrets later. Connect with Jen on Twitter @DrJenFaber or on her website at

One way to be kind is with your wallet, donating to charities and people in need. But giving can get confusing in a hurry if you’re not aware of the economics of altruism. Dr. Julie Paxton is equipping students to give responsibly through her course, “Economics of Altruism” at Ohio University. We’re joined by Dr. … Read More