Today on The Kindness Podcast, Nicole is joined by meditation and mindfulness coach Joy Jordan. Joy has taught everyone from school children to prison inmates about mindfulness, and she shares some tips on the podcast. Listen to learn about how mindfulness and being in touch with oneself can help people be kinder to themselves and … Read More

Rob McLeod is a motivational speaker and frisbee ambassador. He talks to students primarily about kindness, acceptance, determination and unplugging.

Today on The Kindness Podcast, he talks to me about his message of kindness and how to flip the golden rule so you are treating others how they want to be treated (or in ways that … Read More

In this episode of The Kindness Podcast, I’m talking with Thomas Hodson, director and general manager of the WOUB Center for Public Media at Ohio University. Hodson has led dual careers in law and journalism. Whether in the courtroom or the classroom, Tom shares the importance of mentoring in his life and the tools to … Read More

Sometimes something so small can bring us a sense of comfort. Sometimes magic can be found in something unexpected. Tway Huynh felt that exact magic when she found a heart shaped rock while running on the beach. Since then, she has found one almost everyday.

She’s asking people to send in their short stories of kindness, … Read More

After joining the Army at 18 years old, Brian Fleming was blown up by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan. Now, as an author, speaker, and resilience trainer, he has enjoyed speaking to nearly half-a-million people in live audiences teaching them how to “stand firm when everything around them is blowing up” in their lives and … Read More

Boomer Perrault is a Connecticut resident who, with the help of a friend, started the 1 a Week Organization. 1 a Week promotes positivity and mental health awareness, through acts of kindness, giving out their own sponsored gifts along the way. In this week’s episode of The Kindness Podcast, Boomer talks with me about how … Read More

Like many of us, Dr. Peter Kapsner wears dozens of hats. As a business owner, professor, radio host and church leader, there is one thread that is a constant in his life: Kindness. Peter talks with me about his thoughts on kindness as a form of practical theology in this episode of The Kindness Podcast. … Read More

In celebration of her 40th birthday, Tamara Letter, an educator who specializes in kids and technology, decided to complete 40 random acts of kindness and share them with the world. Tamara joins me to talk about her adventure with kindness. Visit her website at


Being kind doesn’t cost a dime, but according to Darryl Lyons, there is a benefit to being kind with our finances. Darryl Lyons is ready to help people achieve the dream of financial freedom so they can enjoy life. Darryl’s San Antonio, Texas company PAX Financial Group is an Inc 5000 “Fastest Growing Company” and … Read More