There is an advantage we can give our kids. Dr. Dale Atkins and Amanda Salzhauer, MSW, say living a compassionate life where kindness is highly valued is the key to our children’s current and future wellbeing. Their new book, The Kindness Advantage: Cultivating Compassionate and Connected Children provides tools for parents to teach their kids … Read More

The PEAR Team, home of “Pass the Pear,” wants to create a setting where people can feel comfortable expressing themselves, and make being vulnerable less intimidating. Matthew Roberts, one of the founding members, explains that PEAR stands for Positive Engagement and Response. His team is dedicated to providing positive connections and open communication. Find out … Read More

Dina Pestonji knows that fighting an uphill battle can make you begin to cherish your life. She has used her struggles to help others as a life coach, TEDx Speaker, and the author of Surviving Myself: How An Eating Disorder, A Car Accident And A Stroke Taught Me To Love My Life And Finally Start … Read More

Drew Formsma has learned a lot about generosity from his dad, Brad Formsma, author of the award-winning book I Like Giving. At the age of fourteen, Drew started speaking to huge audiences around the world about generosity and how a ripple effect begins. Still in high school, Drew is the author of the new book, … Read More

Women for Recovery was born in Athens, Ohio thanks to the dedication of women in the community. It became a nonprofit organization in March 2017 with the goal being to offer residential living in a safe and sober environment to women dedicated to recovery. Day by day, the organization is helping women and creating a … Read More

Barb Schmidt, also known as Peaceful_Barb on Instagram, founded the non-profit Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life with the intention of teaching mindfulness. Today, Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life has more than six million followers and Peaceful_Barb has over 94,000 followers on social media. She also is the author of the internationally bestselling book The Practice: Simple Tools … Read More