Are the critical voices in your church getting more attention than they deserve?

As believers of Christ, we can do better than ignoring the negativity in our congregations. We can combat it in ourselves and learn how to deal kindly with it in others. When we avoid talking about the critical spirit, we allow it to grow and create a damaging division and disability within the church family.

I’ve spent more than ten years teaching people about the power of kindness and highlighting it through the oddest venues – including The Price is Right, House Hunters and on the Hallmark Channel.

In February of 2021, Oprah Magazine even named my program, The Kindness Podcast, one of the Top Three Happiness Podcasts!

While some of my work overlapped into the church community, most of my research has focused on kindness within the home and the workplace.

As a follower of Jesus, my heart is for my brothers and sisters in Christ. That’s why I’m bringing a new message to churches across the United States that focuses specifically on helping a body of frustrated believers live in God’s victory.

I’d love to send you a FREE FIVE DAY DEVOTIONAL and have a conversation with you regarding a 1, 2 or 3 night event with Bible-based teaching about how kindness creates disciples and makes us ambassadors for Jesus, while allowing us to combat the critical spirit and find His joy. Please email me at


The Power of a Brave and Kind Congregation:

We have all heard it’s important to be kind to one another, but does kindness really matter? In The Power of a Brave and Kind Congregation, Nicole speaks to the body of (sometimes) frustrated believers about the critical spirit in ourselves and in our churches.


In this presentation, your team will learn specific actions to:

  • stop the critical spirit in its tracks
  • deal with difficult people
  • trigger the release of four feel-good chemicals in the body
  • train the brain through acts of kindness
  • develop patterns that make kindness a habit
  • say Yes to kindness and No to negativity

Kindness is Courageous:

What happens when you step out of your comfort zone and live life courageously kind? From spending childhood Saturdays in a prison visiting her mom’s husband, to experiencing the joy that comes with forgiveness, to fighting breast cancer with kindness, Nicole loves to share the transformation that happened in her own life when she made a career out of writing about Kindness– and living life courageously kind!

Kindness is Contagious:

What if there really were a secret to happiness well within our grasp? Perhaps there is! We often think of kindness as something that flows from our surplus: our extra time, extra energy or extra resources, leaving us to ask, “How can I possibly give to others when I don’t have enough for myself?”
In her Kindness is Contagious speaking presentation, Nicole explores the chain reaction that happens within our bodies when we lead with kindness. While it seems like it should be entirely altruistic, study after study proves that the greatest benefits of kindness are actually in store for the giver.

Letting Go of the Black Dot: A Shift in Focus for Breast Cancer Survivors

What’s your hard place? We all have one. Perhaps it’s your own cancer, or the fight for a loved one. Through her inspiring stories and touching authenticity, Nicole Phillips reveals ways to push through the “tough” by shifting our focus from the black dots in our lives to the bright white spaces filled with love and kindness.

Your audience will leave feeling uplifted, refreshed and equipped with tools for setting their trials aside and enjoying everyday life. Tools such as:

  • saying no to negativity
  • drawing more gratitude into our lives
  • knowing why it’s essential to let people help us (it’s for their good, not ours!)
  • keeping your sense of humor through the seriousness of life

As a mother of three, diagnosed in 2015 on her 40th birthday, Nicole can also speak on:

  • walking kids through a cancer diagnosis
  • how to protect your family time when the well-intentioned helpers arrive
  • updating friends and extended family without sapping your energy
  • how my daughter got her product in Walmart and raised $100,000 for breast cancer support and research

Created for Kindness:

Kindness is like a secret passageway through which God takes care of others and us. Only it’s not much of a secret– it’s all over the Bible. For every act of kindness we commit, God promises a reward. “Those who are kind benefit themselves…” Proverbs 11:17

In her Created for Kindness speaking presentation, Nicole explores the possibility that we are not only commanded to be kind, but indeed created for that very purpose! We were created to be kind, but it’s awfully hard to find our stride in life when we refuse to step into our eternal purpose. Your group will leave Nicole’s presentation feeling hopeful that there is indeed much they can do to create light in a dark world while adding great joy to their own lives.

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