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I met Tom at the gym 10 years ago. In his mid-70s, he was bold enough to say what he thought.

“Young lady, you’re the one writing that new column in the paper, right? ‘Kindness is Contagious’? I want to tell you I’m praying for you. When you do God’s work, the enemy takes notice. But keep going. What you’re doing ... Read More

When my son was in kindergarten, his teacher allowed me to sneak into the classroom once a week to talk about kindness with the kids.

It was the most difficult and delightful experience I’ve ever had. Any discussion about a kind character in a book usually spiraled into a goldfish dying or a loose tooth. You would have been impressed with ... Read More

Isn’t it fun when we’re just going about life as usual and kindness steps in to make the day special?

That happened recently to a woman in Wisconsin who shared this story with me.

“It was a regular grocery shopping Tuesday. Alaina, our 5-year-old, was taking a break from virtual kindergarten and tagging along.

“As we walk in, Alaina asks if we can ... Read More

Every once in a while I want to borrow a small child. I don’t need to keep them, I already have three of my own.

I just need a little one for special occasions. Like when I’m at a parade and really want the Tootsie Rolls that come raining down at my feet.

Or when I’m at Disney World and ... Read More

Every community has its prominent figures, and Aberdeen, S.D., is no different.

Don Meyer is a legendary basketball coach in these parts. In fact, there is a marble bust of Don just outside my husband’s door in the Northern State University basketball offices. My husband can see it staring through the window at him. No pressure, Saul. Just don’t disappoint Don.

Don ... Read More

I drank a lot during the first 10 years of my marriage. What started out as a social pastime became a coping mechanism.

My husband is a college basketball coach, so I shouldn’t have been surprised, but it seemed like he was always on the road recruiting or competing. That left me at home putting chicken nuggets in the microwave and ... Read More

My mom has lived in sunny Florida for a half dozen years. In that time, she has taken notice of a small roadside memorial.

Have you ever seen those? They always make me pause. The little cross, some plastic flowers, clearly left by someone who grieves the loss of a friend, child or spouse who died in a vehicle.

I see them ... Read More

I’ve heard of Minnesota Nice and North Dakota Kind, but what about South Dakota?

Todd Kurtz, a former South Dakotan, says for him, the name Bob is synonymous with kindness in that great state.

“We flew into Pierre last year, and as we exited the plane with the other 10-15 passengers, my wife was rolling with laughter because everyone getting off the ... Read More

Some things in life are stupid. Like cancer. But even things that shouldn’t exist can provide a gateway for kindness.

That’s what Becki, from Aberdeen, S.D., found out when she got the news her cancer was back.

“In May of 2019 I had to have a skin graft at Mayo Clinic due to my second melanoma diagnosis. Surgery was a success and ... Read More

Sometimes we’re lucky enough to have an act of kindness that sticks with us well past the usual expiration date of our memories.

Beth Ferstl, from Sauk City, Wis., has one of those special stories that continues to speak to her when she needs it most.

“In the late ’90s, my little brother’s best friend (died by) suicide. He decided to take ... Read More