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Weigh in on this for me: Is it more fun to be a parent or grandparent?

I feel like I might know the answer based on the letters I received recently from some readers who make kindness a priority in the time they spend with their grandchildren.

Judi Sebeck, of Deerwood, Minn., sent in this story of kindness that almost went unnoticed.

“Our ... Read More

Crime shows, murder-mysteries, suspense novels… are you hooked?

Do you love the adrenaline rush that comes from not knowing what will come next?

Not me. I like everything laid out and unfolding according to plan. If I can guess what happens next in a show, even better.

Life sometimes has a bit of mystery to it, and that’s not all bad. Sarah VanRoekel, ... Read More

I’m starting to wonder how much snow a person can handle. I think my personal limit is about 2 inches.

If there has ever been a question about my level of kindness when it comes to snow, let me say, I’ve got lots of room to grow.

My 15-year-old daughter is outside clearing the driveway. I thought about helping her and then ... Read More

I lost my dear friend, Tom, just before Christmas.

He was in his late 80s and his quality of life was diminishing, but even so, it’s hard to say goodbye.

One of the great gifts of these past six months was the amount of times I was able to visit Tom and his wife, Ann. My family’s move from Ohio to South ... Read More

A friend of mine has a Snoopy blanket that was worn thin by her childhood. She grasped that little blanket tightly in her hands every time she faced abuse. She kept the blanket all these years as a reminder of her faith and the strength we’re given to endure the terrible times.

Bad things — really bad things — happen sometimes. ... Read More

Have you heard of the Elf on the Shelf?

We have one living with us. He magically arrived one day back when my kids (now teenagers) were toddlers. His name is Carl. The kids knew never to touch Carl or he would lose his ability to fly back to the North Pole each night and tell Santa how good the kids ... Read More

My fourth grade son, Ben, told me his teacher pretends to vomit anytime the kids start bickering with each other in his class. Isn’t that hysterical?

Instead of yelling or raining down punishment, the teacher just walks over and pretends to gag. The kids immediately realize what they’re doing and are distracted enough to let it go.

The principal in that same ... Read More

I feel sorry for people who live in warm climates. They never get to experience the incredible kindness that comes in the middle of a massive snowstorm.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, my family drove from Aberdeen, S.D., to Moorhead, MN., for my husband’s basketball game. A friend let us stay at her house while she was gone for the weekend. Our little ... Read More

I grew up with a second family. The Balkanskys took me in when I was in eighth grade and they still haven’t let me go.

I traveled with them on vacations and rolled my eyes like a belligerent teenager when they gave me unsolicited advice. Without fail, I always knew they loved me.

I was especially touched by this letter sent in ... Read More

TRAM (The Ride Across Minnesota) is a five-day bicycle ride that raises money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. While I love the idea of being active for a great cause, biking isn’t my thing.

But it is Harvey Laabs’ thing. He’s from West Fargo, and has been crossing the North Dakota/Minnesota border for TRAM since 1991. Here’s his story.

“It was ... Read More