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I can remember my anger like it was yesterday. It happened 29 years ago, and yet I can still see myself yelling, stomping and slamming a bedroom door.

I was a junior in high school and a boy invited me to visit him at his college two hours from our hometown.

We weren’t dating. We were just friends and he thought I’d ... Read More

When my kids were little, they always wanted to talk to me while I was in the bathroom. In the shower or on the throne, it seemed their most pressing questions came when I was a bit indisposed.

These days, I’d live in the bathroom if it meant my kids would voluntarily come talk to me.

They are so busy (I hate ... Read More

I’ve talked a lot about my mom over the last ten years. The falling apart and the coming together and what God can do to mend fences, and the way he changes my rotten wood attitude before he hammers in that first nail.

This weekend, I got to visit my dad.

Five years ago, my dad had a stroke that left him ... Read More

I am on the struggle bus lately when it comes to food. I’ve been doing all the right things – keeping a food journal, cutting up the veggies as soon as they enter the house, buying bigger underwear.

I even started going to a dietician because I wanted advice on how to properly feed my family. We’ve become such a grab-and-go ... Read More

Any day now, I am certain the producers of Wheel of Fortune will be calling. I’m so certain that I continue to hone my skills by solving puzzles on their game show app. If you see me looking at my phone, I’m not on Instagram, I’m on “The Wheel”.

There is one puzzle though, I haven’t quite solved.

Why do I always ... Read More

I was playing pickleball this morning when I heard someone on another court say, “She’s the coach’s wife.” A quick glance confirmed I was the only coach’s wife in the vicinity so I yelled across three courts, “I can hear you!” I just wanted to make sure they knew their voices were carrying before they said something regrettable.

Do you ever ... Read More

When I decided to take a sabbatical at the beginning of the summer, I knew I’d be back, but I had no idea when. Or how.

How could I possibly pour into others about the goodness of God and people when my faith in both were on shaky ground?

Let me back up and get really honest.

Last January, about the time I ... Read More

Exciting news! I’m writing a new book in 2021!

A friend once gave me a chess piece with the reminder that only so many pieces fit on the board. Every time we add a project to our lives, we have to be willing to put something else aside for a bit.

I apologize if you were looking for the Monday morning blog. ... Read More

I took a quick trip to Montana this weekend to research a future kindness project.

Before I left, my husband said, “Enjoy the mountains!”

Although I’ve driven through mountains before, I don’t recall staying in a place where I could just sit and see them.

I got off the plane in Missoula and hopped in a rental car. I drove an hour to ... Read More

Someone out there today needs an important reminder. Maybe it’s you. Here it is:

God is still in the business of miracles.

God is still providing a way.

God is so big and yet concerned about the tiniest details in your life.

I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes because of a miracle He has produced in our lives. Someday I’ll get to ... Read More