Each one of us has a story

Why would I even bother to tell mine? That’s the million dollar question. Honestly, if it were just about me or even my husband, I wouldn’t. But it’s not about us. It’s about you. And your girlfriends. And your sisters. And maybe even your mother.
I want to share my experience, the whole experience, with you so that if you ever have to make this decision, you’ll have a little more information than you had before.
Not everyone is called to share the intimate details of their cancer journey, but I am. I’ve known from the beginning that if I was going to have to walk this path, other women would gain in the process. And maybe even a few men who are wondering what is going on with their wives.
Seven years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer.
It’s not just for breast cancer survivors, it’s for everyone who wonders where God is when they walk through the darkness.
In this book, you’ll find some of the boldest photographs I’ve ever seen — both of myself and other brave survivors. They are the pictures I wanted to see but couldn’t without falling down the dark hole of the internet. Thank you Ann Fredricks Photography and Hear My Heart Publishing for giving women a safe place to look for inspiration and information.
I hope you’ll give yourself the gift of encouragement and borrow my brave for whatever you face today! You’ve got this!