You know what? Sometimes it’s easy to believe there is more bad in the world than good. That’s simply not true and we are out to prove it! Nicole’s Kindness is Contagious column has been running weekly in Forum Communications newspapers in North Dakota and Minnesota since 2011. People from all over the country (and one guy in Canada) have sent her stories of the acts of kindness they’ve committed and how great it made them feel or those times when they received a kind deed at just the right moment. When we share these stories as the giver, receiver or witness, we make kindness contagious!

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Kindness is sweeter than hot chocolate October 18, 2019 There is a packet of hot chocolate sitting on my desk. I don’t care how cold the wind blows in South Dakota, I am determined not to drink it. It’s not ... Read More

Old friendships can create new kindness October 11, 2019 I remember my first friend. Her name was Tina and she lived down the road from me. It was such a big deal when we were old enough to ride ... Read More

‘Smiles from Drew’ fills hidden needs October 4, 2019 There are kids in your community who are keeping a secret. They want to participate in after-school activities but they won’t ask. Even in elementary or middle school, these kids already ... Read More

Kindness makes its own rules September 27, 2019 I am a rule follower. It makes me very nervous when someone uses a discount card that doesn’t belong to them or parks in an area that is designated for ... Read More

Getting kindness wrong gives us the chance to make it right September 20, 2019 I often forget what a tough spot my kids are in each day. I send them off to school and ask them to be kind, but sometimes that gets confusing. When ... Read More

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