You know what? Sometimes it’s easy to believe there is more bad in the world than good. That’s simply not true and we are out to prove it! Nicole’s Kindness is Contagious column has been running weekly in Forum Communications newspapers in North Dakota and Minnesota since 2011. People from all over the country (and one guy in Canada) have sent her stories of the acts of kindness they’ve committed and how great it made them feel or those times when they received a kind deed at just the right moment. When we share these stories as the giver, receiver or witness, we make kindness contagious!

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Kindness is contagious (in a good way) May 22, 2020 As people slowly emerge from their homes and tentatively begin venturing out, I hope the care we’ve developed for each other only increases. I’ve asked you to send in your COVID ... Read More

Kindness helps us remember some things stay the same May 15, 2020 Normal routines seem so far gone (at least for me, a parent of three), that I have almost forgotten what a regular Monday to Friday schedule looks like. This letter from ... Read More

Kindness reminds us we’re in this together May 8, 2020 Does social isolation ever make you feel lonely? Me too. We hear “we’re all in this together,” but when we’re walking out the day to day, it can feel like we ... Read More

Kindness and COVID-19 open up new opportunities May 1, 2020 Sometimes, when I’m feeling down, I sit very still and make a mental list of all the amazing acts of kindness that are happening not despite COVID-19, but because of ... Read More

Teacher’s kindness comes back to her April 24, 2020 I saw a post recently from a teacher, reassuring parents that educators will indeed be able to catch kids up on curriculum once September comes. It went on to say that ... Read More

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