You know what? Sometimes it’s easy to believe there is more bad in the world than good. That’s simply not true and we are out to prove it! Nicole’s Kindness is Contagious column has been running weekly in Forum Communications newspapers in North Dakota and Minnesota since 2011. People from all over the country (and one guy in Canada) have sent her stories of the acts of kindness they’ve committed and how great it made them feel or those times when they received a kind deed at just the right moment. When we share these stories as the giver, receiver or witness, we make kindness contagious!

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Being a connector leads to big kindness October 23, 2020

I went to middle and high school with a girl who always seemed to bound with energy. She was nice to everyone, which meant she was friends with everyone. Our paths ...
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Sometimes kindness shows up with a pickup truck October 16, 2020

I saw a really cute free-standing shelf and chair the other day that I knew would fit perfectly in my podcast studio. Unfortunately, they were not the perfect fit for ...
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COVID Clowns bring kindness to seniors October 9, 2020

She’s known as the “Witch of Warroad.” Doesn’t sound like a compliment, does it? It wouldn’t be, unless you’re Loralee Marvin, of Warroad, Minn., who looks forward to Halloween year-round. She ...
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A water dish helps woman run into kindness October 2, 2020

I have an amazing kindness team that includes three women who are way kinder than I am. I’m not being humble. It’s true. They also have a way of noticing the ...
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A smile and a wave lead to kindness September 25, 2020

I have this thing about waving. I love to do it. I get such a kick out of smiling and waving and seeing total strangers wave back. I think I ...
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