You know what? Sometimes it’s easy to believe there is more bad in the world than good. That’s simply not true and we are out to prove it! Nicole’s Kindness is Contagious column has been running weekly in Forum Communications newspapers in North Dakota and Minnesota since 2011. People from all over the country (and one guy in Canada) have sent her stories of the acts of kindness they’ve committed and how great it made them feel or those times when they received a kind deed at just the right moment. When we share these stories as the giver, receiver or witness, we make kindness contagious!

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Kids’ kindness delights grandparents January 24, 2020 Weigh in on this for me: Is it more fun to be a parent or grandparent? I feel like I might know the answer based on the letters I received recently ... Read More

Delight comes from mysterious acts of kindness January 17, 2020 Crime shows, murder-mysteries, suspense novels… are you hooked? Do you love the adrenaline rush that comes from not knowing what will come next? Not me. I like everything laid out and unfolding ... Read More

Snow is no barrier for neighbor’s kindness January 10, 2020 I’m starting to wonder how much snow a person can handle. I think my personal limit is about 2 inches. If there has ever been a question about my level of ... Read More

Kindness helps family during time of grief January 3, 2020 I lost my dear friend, Tom, just before Christmas. He was in his late 80s and his quality of life was diminishing, but even so, it’s hard to say goodbye. One of ... Read More

Project Linus spreads warmth and kindness December 27, 2019 A friend of mine has a Snoopy blanket that was worn thin by her childhood. She grasped that little blanket tightly in her hands every time she faced abuse. She ... Read More

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