How’s your perspective lately? I thought mine was pretty good until I sat next to a man on the airplane last week who took up his seat and a little bit of mine.

He sat down and we all buckled up and then we were off like a bunch of happy sardines for our three-hour flight. I wasn’t annoyed in the slightest that his leg was touching mine.

But two hours later, I wanted OFF THAT PLANE.

I was hot. Sweaty hot. But only on the side of my right leg. Exactly where this man’s leg was touching my leg and had been for the last 120 minutes.

I wanted to scream “Stop touching me! Don’t you see that you’re making my leg sweat?”

And then, thank God, the Holy Spirit intervened.

I heard Him whisper, “Nic, think about what you are thinking about.”

So I did.

In that moment, my perspective changed from a sweaty side-thigh to thoughts of palm trees. I got to go on vacation. I got to fly in an airplane instead of driving three days in a car. Or not going at all.

A funny thing happens when we look through the lens of gratitude. All the little annoyances seem to fall away. They’re still there, but we have on an armor that allows us to notice them, but not be so bothered.

What sort of lens are you looking through today? Let’s let whatever we see be framed in gratitude.