Have you ever wanted something? Of course you have. We all have. Little things, big things. A new journal, a trip to Fiji … you know, just the regular stuff.

I’m an over-the-top sort of person, so not only do I want things, but I want them twice. (That probably explains my former addictions. Bartender, make it a double!)

Someone asked me “What is it you desire?” I jokingly (sort of) said, “Everything. I want it all. Twice.”

Then they rephrased the question. “What is it that you hunger and thirst for?”

That one stopped me. I hope you pause and let it stop you, too.

Desire is surface level. I want this and this and this.

Hunger and thirst indicate a deeper need. I long to feel ___. Fill in the blank. Do you long to feel loved? Needed? Pampered? Powerful? Respected? Included? Safe?

Now let’s put desire and hunger together.

I want this and this and this because I long to feel ___.

I want a new journal because everyone is using them and I long to feel included. I want to go on vacation because I long to feel pampered and loved.

We try to fill and fill and fill our constantly changing desires in hopes that it eventually satisfies what we’re really after. But filling desires will never fill the hunger and thirst. Only spending time with God can do that.

Honestly answering these questions can cause revelation.

What is it you desire?

What is it you hunger and thirst for?

Here’s what they illuminate for me: I desire things because I want to feel closer to God. I want to know I’m loved and protected and provided for by Him. The deep need I have isn’t for another Amazon box or a week away from the real world. I long for God.

I’ve started confusing the two, and I wonder,

Have you?