Have you chosen a word for 2022? Is it Journey or Joy or Rest or Resilience? Are you wondering what I’m even talking about?

Lots of people pick a word each January as their foundation for the year ahead. It’s the thing they come back to in chaos; the place of growth or gratitude in which to return.

My word this year is in Hebrew – it’s YHWH (pronounced Yahweh). It’ll probably be my next tattoo…

You might remember the “I AM” I had tattooed on my right wrist. It is there to remind me that God is the One Who is, Who was, and Who is yet to come. When it looks like a virus or politician or trend is in charge, I AM reminds me of Who is really in control.

In Exodus 3:14, God told Moses to tell the Israelite that I AM had sent him to save them. It was the name God gave Moses to use.

But … exciting news! God used another name in that conversation with Moses! In the Hebrew translation, the word LORD in Exodus 3:15 is YHWH. It’s the word God uses for Himself. (BTW, I have not become a theologian over the Christmas break, I just read a really great book called God Has a Name by John Mark Comer.)

The even more exciting news is that throughout the Bible, God reveals His character through that name.

When I say the name YHWH out loud, I can feel the immense power and love in it. It breaks down an invisible wall I hold between myself and my Creator. It gets me jazzed to learn more about Him.

That, my friend, is when you know you’ve found your word for the year; when you say it out loud and it moves you.

I pray your 2022 is filled with kindness each day, along with whatever else you need to make it a year worthy of remembering. May God make His face shine upon you.