What would your nine-year-old self think of you right now? Would the younger you be in awe that you even made it to __ years old? Would that youthful being say, “Way to go!” or “What the heck were you thinking?”

I know one thing: whether we are hitting life on the mark or need to readjust our aim, our younger selves want to see us succeed. That means, you have a hidden cheerleader deep inside of you!

Can you hear her voice, or have you silenced her long ago, telling her it was time to grow up?

When I stop and listen to my inner nine-year-old, I hear her say, “Whoa! This is awesome! But when do you roll around on the floor with your dog? Or draw rainbows on your papers? You still do that, right?”

When I sheepishly tell her I’m too big for that and I have more productive things to do, she sticks her tongue out at me. And then I stick my tongue out at her. And then I realize it’s sort of fun to do something that doesn’t feel “productive” for my business or health or family’s well-being.

My nine-year-old self reminds me to play, because she knows that’s what I need right now.

If you haven’t stopped and checked in with younger you in a while, might I suggest you do so today? Let her tell you about all the ways she is in awe of you. She wants to cheer you on, so let her!

Then let her ask you a few questions.

She might be directing you somewhere you had forgotten you wanted to go.