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Jessica Reed is the sort of woman who inspires me to become a better person. She’s a dietician, a mom of five kids, a community advocate and a marathon runner.

She’s also the sort of woman who will stand in my kitchen and teach me how to evenly brown ground beef without giggling at my ineptitude.

Jessica took on a major challenge ... Read More

I’m like a Star Wars fan for kindness. If kindness were a movie, I would stand outside and sleep in a tent next to the theater just so I could suck in all the excitement.

Kindness is just the best.

It’s really fun when we find someone who shares our geeky passions, isn’t it?

I found my someone. Her name is Donna Cameron ... Read More

Several years ago, when I was first beginning to write on the topic of kindness, I got a speaking request.

A group wanted me to come and talk about the health benefits of kindness. It seems this should have been right smack dab in my realm of knowledge, but it wasn’t. I knew what kindness had done for me, but I ... Read More

I never knew the radical effect kindness could have on a life until it had an effect on my life. Isn’t that the way it always goes? We can hear about something again and again, but until it becomes real for us, it’s simply not real.

I went from seeing the world through mostly grey colored glasses to suddenly finding a ... Read More

As an aspiring author, imagine my total delight when I was asked to introduce a New York Times bestselling author at a charity event. Not only that, the organization’s director asked if I would be willing to spend the day with the author, driving her to a television interview, showing her around town and taking her to lunch. Best. Day. ... Read More

Several years ago, a man sent in a story for my Kindness is Contagious column. It resonated with me so deeply, I used it again in my book and I often refer to it in my speaking engagements.

Why did I love that particular story so much? Because it flipped over the ridiculously angry emotions I feel sometimes when someone does ... Read More

I remember walking downtown with my youngest son when he was about four. It’s that beautiful (yet exhausting) age where kids are becoming alert to the world around them, and vocal enough to give you a play-by-play account of what they see.

As we strolled along, I spotted a college-age woman with a significant limp. Sure enough, so did my son.

“Mom, ... Read More

The people we interact with today will be a tiny bit changed because of us. Hopefully, they’ll be changed for the good, but if we’re not careful, maybe not.

When we smile at the clerk at the grocery store and ask how she’s doing today, we’re adding light and positivity into her life. When we forget to make eye contact or ... Read More

Do you struggle with high blood pressure, eating disorders, depression or anxiety? Do you ever feel like true happiness is reserved for other people?

There is room for more joy in your life and it comes from the chemicals released when you do an act of kindness.

Kindness has the power to change a life. Brooke Jones has seen that personally and ... Read More

What’s the single biggest mistake of your life? What’s the one decision or perhaps series of decisions that led you somewhere you never intended to be?

Do you have one?

Or perhaps it’s not something you’ve done, but what’s been done to you.

Our stories often become the secrets we hide in a dark place deep within us. We all have them, and ... Read More