I’m like a Star Wars fan for kindness. If kindness were a movie, I would stand outside and sleep in a tent next to the theater just so I could suck in all the excitement.

Kindness is just the best.

It’s really fun when we find someone who shares our geeky passions, isn’t it?

I found my someone. Her name is Donna Cameron and in 2015, she challenged herself to one year of living kindly. She blogged about it for her friends and those of us who love all things kind.

But when the year was up, Donna found she couldn’t let go. Kindness had gotten its hooks in her. Donna was a kindness convert.

I talk with Donna in Episode 11 of The Kindness Podcast about what happened when she began making kindness the focus of her life. You can listen to our conversation here.

And guess what! My kindness meter is going through the roof with excitement. Donna just announced that in 2018, she’s releasing a book!!! She let me take a sneak peak at it and I cannot wait! It’s like nothing else out there.

I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s released, but in the meantime, enjoy the podcast and allow Donna to give you her best kindness practices at https://ayearoflivingkindly.com.