Do you struggle with high blood pressure, eating disorders, depression or anxiety? Do you ever feel like true happiness is reserved for other people?

There is room for more joy in your life and it comes from the chemicals released when you do an act of kindness.

Kindness has the power to change a life. Brooke Jones has seen that personally and within her professional role as the Vice President of one of the world’s most prominent non-profit kindness organizations.

“I would look at these people out there that were living life so fully and so happily and I thought, I will never be one of those people.” – Brooke Jones, VP Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

One act of kindness, one little moment in time, can send a surge of feel-good chemicals through your body that will not only change your own mood, but also the outlook of those around you.

With a sweet vulnerability about her own struggles and a solid handle on the scientific research behind kindness, Brooke shares her insights during Episode 4 of The Kindness Podcast.

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