Several years ago, a man sent in a story for my Kindness is Contagious column. It resonated with me so deeply, I used it again in my book and I often refer to it in my speaking engagements.

Why did I love that particular story so much? Because it flipped over the ridiculously angry emotions I feel sometimes when someone does me wrong.

I’m sure you can remember a few times in your life when a total stranger was intentionally rude to you. They preferred their own wishes over yours. They literally or figuratively let the door slam in your face and it instantly soured your outlook on the day.

Why would we ever let someone have that much control over us? Especially someone we don’t know and aren’t emotionally invested in?

Dennis Seeb is an ordinary guy with an extraordinary way of looking at life. He took a situation in which he was miffed by a stranger and turned it around in a practical, day-changing way, that has forever altered the way I, personally, look at the power of kindness.

Dennis shares this particular story and his other thoughts on living the human race in Episode 7 of The Kindness Podcast. I hope you find his story of kindness as life-changing as I did.

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