I never knew the radical effect kindness could have on a life until it had an effect on my life. Isn’t that the way it always goes? We can hear about something again and again, but until it becomes real for us, it’s simply not real.

I went from seeing the world through mostly grey colored glasses to suddenly finding a kaleidoscope of kindness in front of me. One act of kindness, which led to a weekly newspaper column, which led to the need to intentionally search out kindness, totally rewired my brain. I never would have believed it could have happened. And then it did.

Lisa Barrickman is a woman who has come alongside me in this kindness journey. I’ve never met her face-to-face, but we’ve shared ideas back and forth online and over the phone. I was stunned the first time I talked to her, because I realized, it’s not just me. Kindness is sneaking up on other people and changing their lives, too.

After challenging herself to do 40 days of kindness for her 40th birthday, Lisa was so taken with the results that she convinced her entire church to try it. Then her relatives tried it at their churches. Seeing the positive ripples that were happening around her, Lisa decided to put her program into words in the form of a book, A Case for Kindness: 40 Ways to Love and Inspire Others.

Lisa talks about taking on a kindness program without making it feel like a diet or exercise regime and without totally draining your bank account in Episode 9 of The Kindness Podcast.

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You can learn more about Lisa at LisaBarrickman.com and find her book here.