The people we interact with today will be a tiny bit changed because of us. Hopefully, they’ll be changed for the good, but if we’re not careful, maybe not.

When we smile at the clerk at the grocery store and ask how she’s doing today, we’re adding light and positivity into her life. When we forget to make eye contact or grumble about the price of potatoes, we’re not.

I had a very interesting conversation with a woman from Nashville named Shawn Aswad. She’s the creator of the apparel company, Complimentees. Shawn’s shirts help us add inspiration to the world without even having to open our mouths.

In Episode 5 of The Kindness Podcast, Shawn shares her motivation for starting this company, but she also talks about her other passion, her dogs. Snooty Giggles Dog Rescue is Shawn’s baby. Whether a pup stays for a long time or a little time, each one encourages her to remember that our weaknesses, or special needs, are actually our super powers.

You can listen to my conversation with Shawn on itunes or NPR.

And since we’re getting into that gift-giving season, be sure to start the ripple of effect of kind words at (all photo credits: Complimentees)