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I’m about to go dark on you. Not dark as in a trench coat, heavy boots and lots of black eye liner. I’m about to say goodbye.

Okay, that was a touch overly dramatic of me. Let me try again. I’m going to dedicate this summer to writing a book that will be released by Baker Publishing in 2020. I’m going ... Read More

He turned in his keys, his parking pass, and his staff ID. My husband is no longer employed at Ohio University. I won’t say he was fired because as a general rule I don’t use the “f” word. His contract was up and the Athletic Director decided to go in a different direction. A gentlemanly parting of ways, if you ... Read More

There are certain people who come into our lives and make us better. Liz Schwarzel is one of those people. She’s a third grade teacher in Athens, Ohio. My son, Charlie had her as a teacher three years ago, and if I’m awfully lucky, Ben will have her next year. The kids affectionately call her Ms. Liz, but I get ... Read More

Big news! Athens, Ohio is kind!*

Wait… you already knew that?

Then join me during the first two weeks of October to prove it to others.

I’m launching a new podcast through WOUB Public Media called, “The Kindness Podcast.” In celebration of this event, I’ve teamed up with the Athens County Convention & Visitors Bureau and other area businesses to throw kindness around ... Read More

My daughter adores the show Shark Tank. Not me. It gives me anxiety to see someone break out into a nervous sweat as they deliver their carefully crafted pitch, only to have Mr. Wonderful tell them their idea sucks. I can hardly stand to watch it with her.

I look over at my daughter and she’s practically salivating, taking mental notes, ... Read More

I saw something today that took my breath away.

Downtown Athens is home to quite a few big old beautiful churches, but one in particular caught my eye this morning.

I have driven past First United Methodist many times. I’d say hundreds, but I’ve only lived here two years, so that may be a stretch. Anywho, here it is:

Pretty, right? It’s ... Read More

I need to tell you something. You are more than you think you are– and you are good. Whatever you think about yourself that doesn’t line up with complete awesomeness, simply isn’t true, so stop beating yourself up.

I get the feeling we (or maybe it’s just me!) are spending too much time and energy wishing we could be better, be ... Read More

There is good in every situation.

That is a scary sentence. All of a sudden my mind is flooded with thoughts of children being abused and babies dying and inexplicable injustices filling our globe.

But I said it, and I believe it. There is good in every situation.

Sometimes it takes a loooong time to find a silver lining. Sometimes ... Read More