There is good in every situation.

That is a scary sentence. All of a sudden my mind is flooded with thoughts of children being abused and babies dying and inexplicable injustices filling our globe.

But I said it, and I believe it. There is good in every situation.

Sometimes it takes a loooong time to find a silver lining. Sometimes we never see it because we’re so caught up in our hurt and anger that we refuse to look for it. But it’s there, even if it’s never uncovered this side of Heaven.

I’m grateful that already, barely three months after my diagnosis, I can see so much good that has come from having breast cancer.

I may only have one breast, but I have a much greater appreciation for the rest of my body.

I may have to drive to Columbus every week for doctors appointments, but I’m more grateful than ever that we have money to put gas in the car, and a well-running car in general!

And now, another huge, magnificent silver lining: the Susan G. Komen Foundation has asked me to be the Honorary Chair for the first-ever Athens Race for the Cure. I felt like I was the Queen of Cancer when they asked me!

I’m getting weepy right now just thinking about it. Four months ago, breast cancer wasn’t ever on my radar, and now I get to be a voice for those who in our area who are so desperately underserved and for those women who don’t realize how imperative it is to catch cancer early

Did you know that the number of women in the U.S. who will be diagnosed this year could fill the Convo Center (the HUGE college arena where my husband’s basketball team plays) 18 times?!!!!! For those who catch it early, like I did, it will be a blip on their radar screen. For those who don’t, it will be a life and death battle. I HAVE to reach those women. I GET to reach those women.

So is there good in every situation? Yes. And this time, I’m lucky enough to recognize it.

image004Please register to join my team, TEAM PHILLIPS, in the Athens Race for the Cure at noon on Sunday, October 25th. If you can’t make it, would you please consider making a donation in honor of the many women who so proudly wear pink?