I need to tell you something. You are more than you think you are– and you are good. Whatever you think about yourself that doesn’t line up with complete awesomeness, simply isn’t true, so stop beating yourself up.

I get the feeling we (or maybe it’s just me!) are spending too much time and energy wishing we could be better, be more, instead of acknowledging that 1) we have room for improvement and 2) God is still using us, even if we are a construction zone.

Let me give you some examples. Yesterday, was the first ever Athens Race for the Cure. It was a day of immense power and incredible love all covered in pink. I had the honor of being the Honorary Chair since I was recently diagnosed and then cured of breast cancer.

FullSizeRender 9When someone asked me about being a spokesperson for the event, I said, “Oh! I’m not really a spokesperson! I’m just a participant.” And yet, as my daughter pointed out, and then insisted on photographing, my face is on the poster.

Someone else touchingly said, “Nicole, you are an inspiration!” and I thought, “Are you kidding me?! You must have just caught me on a good day.” FullSizeRender 8And yet, there was a little girl running in front of me with my name on her back.

Another survivor came up and congratulated me on giving a great speech and I mumbled something about how I’m not really a speaker.IMG_4209

And then, as I ran 3.1 miles alongside several women who have earned oodles of race medals, I said, “I’m not really a runner.”

My daughter came in two minutes ahead of me in the race. Do you think she would ever say she’s “not really a runner”? Look at that face! FullSizeRender 7No way. She owns each and every one of her accomplishments.

I need to own mine, too. I am a spokesperson, an inspiration, a speaker, a runner, and (since I am writing this right now) a writer.

SO… today I say to you, own your accomplishments. Be proud of your identity. When people are kind enough to say something awesome about you, wear it on your chest like a badge. And when they say something not so nice, throw it in the trash (not the recycle bin!).

I am my worst critic, and I bet you are, too. Let’s do this together. Let’s ask ourselves, “Does this sound like something God would say about me?” If it does, we keep it. If it doesn’t, we reject it, and replace it with Truth. God created us. He knows we are a work in progress, but He loves us just as we are. We get to own that and use it to make the world a better place!

So let’s stop worrying about whether or not we are enough of something and decide that even a little is better than nothing.