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When my kids were little, they always wanted to talk to me while I was in the bathroom. In the shower or on the throne, it seemed their most pressing questions came when I was a bit indisposed.

These days, I’d live in the bathroom if it meant my kids would voluntarily come talk to me.

They are so busy (I hate ... Read More

I was lying next to my teenage daughter last night talking about life. We chatted about moving and finding new friend groups and how some high schoolers are really kind— and how others are not.

“Someday their mirrors will become windows, Mom.” she finally said. Her comment floored me. She wrapped up everything I try to teach about kindness in ... Read More

It’s the question that guides most of my parenting decisions: Am I teaching my kids to be kind? I don’t want them to be doormats or people who bend to the will of others even when it’s dangerous or unhealthy. But I do hope they find a good balance in life and lead with kindness whenever it’s possible.

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Gosh. I’m a little ashamed of myself.

I try to keep an open mind and greet others with love and kindness, but it’s been brought to my attention that I have a great big judgement sticker hanging out inside my head.

I’m sure in some ways we all do, because we’re all raised with beliefs that we truly believe. Even if no ... Read More

I remember being 16 years old and begging my dad to let me drive two hours away to a party on a college campus with a guy friend that I went to high school with. It was the beginning of my junior year.

Guess what my dad said?

No way.


I stood in the living room and loudly debated my case with tears ... Read More

I didn’t think time travel was possible until I was sitting at a track meet the other night. It was my daughter’s very first meet. I thought it would be my very first meet too.

I was told ahead of time that it would be a test of endurance — not for the student athletes, but for their parents. In anticipation ... Read More

It’s funny how the same circumstances can look so different when you take a moment to stroll around the perimeter of a problem.

My daughter turned 13 yesterday. Well, sort of yesterday — she’s a Leap Day baby, so she only gets a birthday once every four years. Don’t feel too sorry for her. With no February 29th, she decided to ... Read More

My little girl’s shoulders slumped as she got in the minivan. “The whole team was invited, Mom. I was the only one not included.”

Seventh grade is hard. I know, I did it once. I’d go from elation to desperation and back again in five minutes flat. My poor parents.

Later that night, with Jordan’s wounds fresh on my heart, I was ... Read More

The principal of the Athens Middle School has made a big, big mistake. She has asked me to speak to her 7th and 8th grade students.

Somebody’s gonna lose an eye in the process, I’m just certain of it. But then again, I’m already down one breast, so I guess I could cope with one eye, too.

I hated eighth grade. Hated. ... Read More