The principal of the Athens Middle School has made a big, big mistake. She has asked me to speak to her 7th and 8th grade students.

Somebody’s gonna lose an eye in the process, I’m just certain of it. But then again, I’m already down one breast, so I guess I could cope with one eye, too.

I hated eighth grade. Hated. Let’s review… I had just moved to a new town with a divorced dad, refused to come out of my room for several months and had one failed suicide attempt.

Eighth grade is not for sissies.

I’ve had a long talk with God this morning. I reminded him that she picked the wrong gal. I reminded him that newborn teenagers are scary. I reminded him that I probably don’t have anything cool enough to wear.

And then He started talking. He told me that he didn’t have me walk through 8th grade hell for nothing. He told me that the newborn teens are not scary, they’re scared. And He told me that it’s okay if I go shopping for a super cool new outfit and charge it to my husband.

So I said fine. To the principal and to God. I will show up and I will talk about the power of kindness to transform a life.

I will simply be available, because honestly, that’s all God’s really asking for anyway– from any of us.

And then I will trust that God, with His ability to see what’s deep in the hearts of those sweet, scary, scared kids, will fill my mouth with words that matter.


***I’ll be speaking sometime in March/April. Dates still to be determined. Will you pray for me and the developing message until then? Thank you, Friend.