There is a brave mom in my town who is a warrior. She never would have considered herself a warrior, but when it comes to our kids, we can often find strength we don’t know we have.

This mom has a son who was hating school. Now I don’t mean hating, I mean HATING. He would get physically ill before ... Read More

I am vehemently opposed to wearing white pants. Not for anyone else. Just for me.

I have all kinds of reasons: white pants are only for super skinny girls, I don’t have the right color underwear, I have to be careful where I sit. I can’t eat ketchup or salsa. The list is never-ending.

Guess what? A few weeks ago I ... Read More

I know I’m supposed to keep my eyes on today, but I’m just so excited for tomorrow I can hardly stand it. Tomorrow I’m going back to school! Elementary school!

The principal is allowing me to speak to all of the students (kindergarten through sixth grade) at the all-school morning meeting.

What a perfect place to share the message of kindness.

I’m ready. ... Read More

Quite a few months ago, I got a little black box in the mail. On the front, in simple letters, it said, “How kind of you.” I hadn’t done anything particularly nice that I could remember, so I couldn’t imagine who would be sending it to me.

Now, perhaps you should know, I am a sucker for things that come in ... Read More