I know I’m supposed to keep my eyes on today, but I’m just so excited for tomorrow I can hardly stand it. Tomorrow I’m going back to school! Elementary school!

The principal is allowing me to speak to all of the students (kindergarten through sixth grade) at the all-school morning meeting.

What a perfect place to share the message of kindness.

I’m ready. I’ve got a bag of balloons, a roll of painter’s tape and five poster boards loaded into the family minivan.

You’d have to actually come to the school to see those tools in play. It’s top secret. But I can tell you that tomorrow’s message is all about remembering to T.H.I.N.K.

I didn’t invent the concept. It’s on posters in schools all over America, reminding us to ask ourselves if our words are:






Think about it. It’s not just for kids. How would people look at us if we always ran our words through that filter? I bet they’d like us a whole lot more. I bet we’d like ourselves a whole lot more.

Today, in honor of tomorrow, I’m pledging to slow down enough to T.H.I.N.K. before I speak. Will you join me?