There is a brave mom in my town who is a warrior. She never would have considered herself a warrior, but when it comes to our kids, we can often find strength we don’t know we have.

This mom has a son who was hating school. Now I don’t mean hating, I mean HATING. He would get physically ill before walking into his elementary classroom for the day. He kept his head down and separated himself from other kids because he was certain if they knew how “dumb” he was they would make fun of him.

What would you do if your playful, charming child was unraveling before your eyes?

I think I might be tempted to grab my baby, crawl back into bed and throw the covers over both of our heads until the world just went away. But that’s not what this mom did. She hired a world-famous professor who specializes in teaching kids with dyslexia (and just happens to be in our town). This mom started researching the programs available in our school system to help kids. When she didn’t find what her son needed, she spent every cent she had to fight the district.

She won.

Now I know I’m missing a lot of details to this family’s story. But the point is, because of this brave mom and her son, other kids and parents who come after them won’t have to fight. They can just focus on learning.

A few days ago, I stopped by the mom’s office and dropped off an advance copy of my new book. It’s called “Kindness is Courageous: 100 Stories to Remind You People Are Brave and Kind.” It’s the sequel to my first book “Kindness is Contagious” which is based off a column I write for newspapers in North Dakota and Minnesota.

The next morning I got this text:

“We started reading your new book last night! Landon can’t put it down… to think 3 years ago I couldn’t get him to pick up a book!! He is taking it to school. He says, ‘I want to be a better person.’”

She included this picture of Landon in the car.

boy reading

My heart swelled and still hasn’t come back to it’s normal size.

This is why I do what I do. Because there are kids and adults out there who are doing amazing things and other people who want to hear about them.

I’m proud to say that even if no one else ever picks up this book, “Kindness is Courageous” has been wildly successful, because one boy couldn’t put it down.

“Kindness is Courageous” releases today, Monday, Sept. 10th! You can find your copy at a variety of shops and also on Amazon. Please join Nicole for a free speaking event and book signing at Eclipse Company Store in The Plains, OH on Sunday, Sept. 16 from 4-6pm. She will also be speaking at a variety of locations in Fargo, ND from Sept. 27-Oct. 5.