I am vehemently opposed to wearing white pants. Not for anyone else. Just for me.

I have all kinds of reasons: white pants are only for super skinny girls, I don’t have the right color underwear, I have to be careful where I sit. I can’t eat ketchup or salsa. The list is never-ending.

Guess what? A few weeks ago I bought a pair of white pants. And guess what else? I love them.

Just yesterday I wore them to a park. To my defense, I didn’t know we were going to a park. But the point is, I didn’t let a little thing like white pants ruin my fun. I climbed up and down the ladders. I slid down a urine filled slide (seriously, the moment I emerged from the slide a woman said, “Be sure to keep your kids off the slide because my son just peed on it.” I sat on a dirty green dragon (that has probably also been peed on at some point).

I never spent one moment thinking about the color of my underwear or whether white was accentuating the lower half of my body. I just did it. I was comfortable and I had fun.

So here’s the question: what are the “white pants” in your life? What are the things that you think you are too old, too uneducated, too blah blah blah to do? What do you avoid based on your perception of other people’s opinions?

Wanna play the bongos? My mom has been known to play them on the beach. Honestly. She rocks.

Wanna dance like no one’s watching? We take turns dancing on the kitchen island at our house.

Wanna love big and extravagantly and not worry about the consequences? Strike up a conversation with someone who feels different from you. Let them know you see them and that they matter.

Wear the white pants, people. The world is waiting for your brand of bravery.