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I’m not above bribery.

This morning I woke up to find a note next to my computer:


When I wake up ask me about Psalm 23. I know it but I will forget to do it for you if you don’t remind me.”

I have three children, but the one who left this note didn’t need to sign it. He knows ... Read More

Have you ever been encouraged by someone else’s story? I bet you have. It’s a special brand of kindness to share our vulnerabilities because it reminds others in their scariest moments that we’re not alone.

Fargo resident Pat Pobst recalls a time many years ago that she needed to draw on another family’s story.

“Back in the late 1980s, The Forum ran ... Read More

My husband was supposed to be on the team bus. That’s what he always does. His basketball team was heading out for a weekend double header and he rides the bus.

Only, at the last minute, he decided to drive his own car.

That night after the first game (a win!) he followed the bus to the next city. The ... Read More

My brother saved a little boy’s life once. The boy was swimming and got out too deep. No one saw him go under except my brother.

It happened more than 30 years ago and I’m certain my brother never even stops to think about what would have happened if he hadn’t been in that lake that day. Maybe time has also ... Read More

Remember that surgery I narrowly escaped earlier this week? Yeah, well, it caught me. The doctor reluctantly agreed not to do surgery on Tuesday, but by Thursday it was evident that my wound was going in the wrong direction.

I sheepishly texted several very attractive pictures of blood and puss and general yuckiness to my doctor’s cellphone. Unfortunately, I sent the ... Read More

Did you know angels drive big, black trucks and often tell people they’re from Jamestown? At least that’s the way they are described in a recent letter I received.

Actually, Angels of Kindness drive a lot of different vehicles and live in every town in America (and beyond). Some make a lot of money, some not so much. Some are old, ... Read More

Do you believe in angels? My husband and I go around and around on whether ghosts exist, but he won’t even touch the angel issue. I do believe in angels, so I think my practical husband is a little worried that if he comes out as a non-believer, they may stop watching over him.

Angels or not, I know for a ... Read More