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How do we hold onto our childlike joy in the midst of piles of laundry and sinks full of dishes? Gabriella van Rij shares some powerful insight in this week’s kindness podcast.

She’s been seen on Dr. Phil and is frequently called to share her expertise on kindness. Gabriella van Rij is on a mission to spread kindness throughout the WORLD. ... Read More

I know when the dark clouds are going to roll in… it happens at the beginning of every basketball season and it happens again at the end. I used to really fear it. I would feel the heaviness creep in on my body and I would wonder if this was the time it would get me, if this was the ... Read More

Alicia Henderson was living in Fargo, North Dakota in the high heat of basketball season when her young son began having seizures – as many as 100 seizures a day. Alicia was holding onto hope that a treatment would be found and holding down the fort while her husband, an assistant men’s basketball coach, was on the road with his ... Read More

When was the last time you sat down and gave your full attention to another human being? Not checking your phone, wondering how long this conversation would last, or figuring out in your brain the next clever thing you’re going to say or advice you’re going to give.

Just sitting. Listening.

It’s a gift of kindness I know I don’t give nearly ... Read More

There are certain people who come into our lives and make us better. Liz Schwarzel is one of those people. She’s a third grade teacher in Athens, Ohio. My son, Charlie had her as a teacher three years ago, and if I’m awfully lucky, Ben will have her next year. The kids affectionately call her Ms. Liz, but I get ... Read More

Breaking news: Nice guys DON’T finish last. In fact, people who are kind have more success in the workplace and on the home-front! And like the common cold or that nasty flu that’s going around, kindness spreads like a virus!

Several years ago, I wrote an article for my “Kindness is Contagious” column about a documentary film ... Read More

You go through a difficult time and someone offers to bring you a meal or pick up your kids. What do you say?

I think our natural instinct is to say no, right? We tell people verbally or through our actions that we’re okay, we’ve got this covered, we can do it ourselves.

But what if their offer of kindness isn’t ... Read More

We go about our days sometimes on auto-pilot, don’t we? Or maybe it’s just me.

I can go from meeting to meeting, taking the kids here, stopping at the store there, returning this phone call or that email… and all of a sudden, it’s 9pm.

If you were to ask me if I am a kind person, I’d say, “Sure! Yes! Absolutely!” ... Read More