I am SOOOO excited to share this week’s kindness podcast with you. Can you tell by the amount of “Os” I just used? Seriously, if you only listen to one podcast in your entire life, listen to this episode. I talk with Shaunti Feldhahn, a best-selling author and social researcher who has spent years looking at how we interact with each other. Her findings have been translated into 20 languages because let’s face it, the whole world deals with difficult people and we all want to know how to navigate those tricky waters.

I absolutely believe that Shaunti’s new book, The Kindness Challenge: 30 Days to Improve Any Relationship has the power to transform your marriage, your parenting, your work partnerships, and your friendships.

So… please listen to Shaunti’s insightful words, then join her free online kindness challenge.

Here’s the podcast. Now go! Listen! And please report back and let me know how her words have transformed your life, because I’m certain they will!