I feel like I’m writing our annual Christmas letter either three months early or nine months late.

Jordan’s a junior now and excelling at everything…

Charlie is a freshman in high school and learning to drive. Everyone stay off the sidewalks! HaHaHa!

At age 10, Ben is still a fishing enthusiast…

I took the summer off from my blog, newsletter and podcasts, but since the kids are back to school, I figured I better get back to work.

So, hello!

It’s so nice to see you again. Or meet you for the first time. Welcome!

I’m wondering what’s been going through your head these last few months. Have you settled into a COVID-friendly routine? Are you fearful about what is around the corner as people stick a toe back into academics and athletics?

I read a great thing from a great guy this summer. Here it is:

“Darkness isn’t always destructive. Sometimes it’s just distracting.” -Bob Goff (from his Live in Grace, Walk in Love devotional)

Sit in that for a moment and think about the way you can shine when you’re not fearful or sad or just plain tired from life’s darkness.

The darkness of our worry pulls our eyes away from the light, away from the goodness around us. Whatever we pay the attention to grows. The dark becomes darker, and the light — the good stuff like friendship and love and gratitude and kindness — can almost seem to slip away.


This is where the best news ever comes into play. Light is stronger than darkness. Instead of being totally extinguished, the light remains shining, waiting for us to notice it once again.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.” John 1:5 (NLT)***

So where is our hope in times that have us shaking our heads wondering what’s happening in this world?

Our hope is in the Light.

Jesus, the Light, is my hope, but if you’re having trouble making that same claim, I totally get it. Then find your light in the good. Take a walk and listen to the way nature speaks. Pay attention to the people who are kind to you today. Fill your mind with the good news of helpers helping in big ways and small.

Force a change in your perspective. Because when you see the light, the whole world gets brighter.

*** I used to wonder what all those names and letters and numbers meant. (Like John 1:5 NLT.) If that’s confusing to you, please reach out to my team and we will be happy to give you a quick tutorial on finding scriptures in the Bible.

By the way… I have a new book out, The Negativity Remedy: Unlocking More Joy, Less Stress and Better Relationships Through Kindness. If you found this blog helpful, you are going to REALLY get a lot of takeaways from the book! Happy reading!