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When people who want to write a book or start a blog come to me for advice, I always tell them the same thing: sit down.

Sit down at your computer or sit down with your favorite notebook, even when you have nothing to say.

Just sit down and wait.

I tell them to give themselves 15 minutes of quiet ... Read More

You know what’s super fun? Putting a post on social media asking people to share their favorite kindness stories.

Try it sometime. It’s an immediate boost to your day and a great way to remember there are a lot of kind things happening quietly behind the scenes in our world.

Here are a few stories people have shared with me recently.

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Have you felt miserable in your life? Ever wanted to make a u-turn on whatever road you were on and start again?

That’s what Leon did.

Leon Logothetis is my guest in this very first episode of The Kindness Podcast. He has an amazing Netflix series and he’s a rockstar in the world of kindness.

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