Have you felt miserable in your life? Ever wanted to make a u-turn on whatever road you were on and start again?

That’s what Leon did.

Leon Logothetis is my guest in this very first episode of The Kindness Podcast. He has an amazing Netflix series and he’s a rockstar in the world of kindness.

I’m crazy excited for you to hear his words— and the words of the other people coming up in each episode of this podcast — because I know as I know as I know that those words will lead to new thoughts in your brain and those thoughts will lead to new actions and those actions will change your life for the better.

That’s the power of kindness!

Are you ready???

Here are the links on iTunes (this is where you can rate and review the podcast) and Google Play. Same podcast, two places to listen.

Now, a couple of questions I’ve been asked recently:

1. What is a podcast? It’s like a radio interview, only you can listen to it anytime you want for free from the internet, on your phone, tablet or computer. Driving, exercising, cooking dinner, you listen when you want.

2. What is The Kindness Podcast? This is my baby. It is only coming to life because of divine intervention via WOUB Public Media and a very kind man named Tom Hodson. This is a weekly show in which I get to interview celebrities, kindness experts, and people who have really amazing stories that will fill your cup right to the top. You’ll find new episodes every Thursday!

3. What can I do to help you with this Nicole? Okay, so no one has technically asked this yet (except for my podcast team — thank you!!!), but there is something I desperately need from you. Between now and Monday, Oct. 16th, would you please go to iTunes and rate or review The Kindness Podcast? I have a goal of 150 reviews by Monday. The goal is to get so many ratings/reviews in such a short period of time that the folks at iTunes say, “Hey, I guess people want to hear about kindness” and then begin featuring The Kindness Podcast on their own. That kind of exposure could crack open the whole podcast world for my little kindness team!

Thank you in advance for listening and rating. Thank you, as always, for loving on me so well. I hope I’m able to love on you equally well through each episode and help pass along tools to make your life as full and refreshing as it can possibly be!