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My son, Ben, mowed the lawn for the first time this weekend. He recently turned 12, has excess evening energy and his father was gone. In my mind, that makes him old enough to run power tools.

I was shocked by how well it went. We are too cheap to buy the type of mower that self-propels, ... Read More

As people slowly emerge from their homes and tentatively begin venturing out, I hope the care we’ve developed for each other only increases.

I’ve asked you to send in your COVID Kindness stories and there are so many ways we are seeing kindness blossom in our communities.

From Joan in Fargo: “My dear friend left a care package outside our door recently ... Read More

When I was in college, I worked at a place called The Bridge Bar. It was appropriately named since it was indeed tucked next to a big bridge in a tiny town of about 200.

Being on the river, we had lots of boaters each summer, but my favorite customers came in on Sunday afternoons. They stopped by on something called ... Read More

My dog is lying upside down right now on an oversized chair in my home office. It’s ridiculous to look over and see this 70-pound goldendoodle beast all sprawled out like she owns the place.
She does this almost every morning, and it always makes me smile. I never get tired of my constant companion.

There is something about a dog ... Read More

It’s humbling to realize that while I was sitting on the living room floor watching my kids tear into the colorful assortment of presents under the Christmas tree, other lives were unfolding simultaneously in ways much different than mine.

Jayne Holtgrewe of Moorhead spent her day nursing her husband back to health after he experienced a terrible fall.

But instead of grieving ... Read More

I am about to rat out my fellow columnist. In a good way, of course.

Bob Lind has been writing the Neighbors column in the Fargo Forum since before I was born.

Just kidding.

But he has been writing it for quite a while, right around 20 years in fact.

His words introduce us to the people, places and things that are right under ... Read More