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Once upon a time, this happened:

Cozys for the Cure are in some Walmart stores now (mainly in the southern states), but will be in many more stores in October. Look for them in the Housewares department. They are $1.97 and there are seven designs. Perfect for gift giving!



So a funny thing happened after I had breast cancer. My daughter’s little “Let’s help Mom” sewing project exploded into something that none of us could have ever asked for or imagined.

Let’s recap.

May 2015: Diagnosed with Stage 2 Lobular Invasive Carcinoma (breast cancer).

July 2015: Single mastectomy.

August 2015: Doctor declares me “Cancer free”; Puts me on Tamoxifen for ten years ... Read More

In our house, we don’t use the word “hate.” It’s too strong. It’s too damaging. It’s too permanent. However, if I’m being honest, there are a few things I hate.

I hate food and I hate exercise.

I have a love/hate relationship with food that goes back as long as I can remember. I don’t like to prepare food or think about ... Read More

Sometimes I look at a beautiful piece of art and think, How did they do that? How did they create something so emotional from a flat piece of paper and a few shades of blue?

Or I’ll stand in the shadow of a building that was constructed hundreds of years ago and wonder, How did they get those heavy bricks way ... Read More

I didn’t think time travel was possible until I was sitting at a track meet the other night. It was my daughter’s very first meet. I thought it would be my very first meet too.

I was told ahead of time that it would be a test of endurance — not for the student athletes, but for their parents. In anticipation ... Read More

It’s funny how the same circumstances can look so different when you take a moment to stroll around the perimeter of a problem.

My daughter turned 13 yesterday. Well, sort of yesterday — she’s a Leap Day baby, so she only gets a birthday once every four years. Don’t feel too sorry for her. With no February 29th, she decided to ... Read More

Have you ever been on a reality show? Me neither, but now I can say I’ve come awfully close.

Saul and I had the unique experience of spending the last nine months with a woman from Ohio University named Hailee Tavoian. The words “strategy” and “advancement” and “marketing” are all in her title, but big words scare me, so I don’t ... Read More

Jordan almost started her New Year’s Resolution yesterday. She wants to see how many days in a row she can log 10,000 steps on her fitbit. We were about four shows deep into a mother-daughter Tiny House Hunters marathon when she realized she only had 2,000 steps. Day One was going to be a bust. Until…

Jordan at age 12 figured ... Read More

Little Jordan Phillips is $645 and one day away from being the top fundraiser for the Komen Athens Race for the Cure. As a mom, how can I not throw the net out there one more time to say, “Anyone else?”

Is there anyone else out there who was thinking they’d like to make a donation but never quite ... Read More

I got my first cellphone on Christmas morning, 2003. I was eight months pregnant, and if my water broke in the middle of Piggly Wiggly, my husband wanted to know about it. I thought I could just go to the customer service desk and ask them to call him, but he wasn’t in favor of that plan.

I was certain this ... Read More