Little Jordan Phillips is $645 and one day away from being the top fundraiser for the Komen Athens Race for the Cure. As a mom, how can I not throw the net out there one more time to say, “Anyone else?”

Is there anyone else out there who was thinking they’d like to make a donation but never quite got around to it?

Is there anyone else thinking, I sure would like a custom Bobcat, Ohio State, John Deere or University of Wisconsin coffee cup sleeve? (Don’t worry, she’s got a gazillion other fabric colors to choose from, too.) Jordan’s cozys will be available year round at or in their store, but those will all be pink. This is the last time she’ll be taking custom orders.

Also, 25% of the store cozys goes to Komen, but for the Athens Race for the Cure (through Friday Nov. 18), your entire donation goes to Komen Columbus, specifically for programs in Southeast Ohio.

Is there anyone else who is thinking, “I’ve quit smoking (or drinking or buying fancy coffee) and now I have an extra $5. I can donate!”

We are looking for you. $5 per cozy is the suggested donation. $645 is the goal. Tomorrow is the deadline. Anyone who donates $25 or more before tomorrow is automatically entered in a drawing to win 25,000 miles from American Airlines.

I’m sorry to be the mom who continually pounds people over the head asking for help. Seriously. Totally. Trust me, I am soooo sorry to do this. But this year at the race, Jordan and I got to meet the Honorary Race Chairs, Cindy Oremus and Mary Dupler. Cindy is fabulous. She even gave my daughter a Team Cinderella t-shirt so Jordan could feel like part of her team.

But it was Mary Dupler’s story that stopped us in our tracks. Here’s just part of Mary’s story. I stole it from the Komen Columbus website:

“Mary, a resident of Somerset and a single mother of two, was diagnosed with breast cancer in September of 2015. Due to a history of breast cancer within the family, she decided to undergo a double mastectomy and total hysterectomy at the young age of 30. […]

When Mary received her breast cancer diagnosis, her employer, at the time, did not offer healthcare and out of pocket costs were too high. Mary struggled with the thought of having to choose between “paying for [her] surgery or putting dinner on the table for [her] children.” Thanks to a funding from Komen Columbus, Mary’s mammogram, surgical consultation, biopsy, pathology, and follow-up surgical appointment were covered by a community grant to Fairfield Medical Center.”

Did you catch that??? She either had to feed her kids or get the mastectomy. The money that you donate pays for programs in rural Ohio so women dealing with breast cancer issues don’t have to make such tough decisions.

While watching Mary speak on the platform at the Athens Race for the Cure, Jordan could see very clearly why she was fundraising. And so could I.

So here I am, casting the net one last time, asking, “Is there anyone else?”

If you feel a pull at your heart to donate, here’s the link directly to Jordan’s donation page. Thank you.