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What if I told you there is a group of people who are going to accomplish 5,000 acts of kindness in just 15 days? Think it can be done?

What if I told you most of those people still live in their parents’ houses? And don’t have jobs? And wear “PAW Patrol” pajamas each night?

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I have a secret.

I do not like talking to kids.

Don’t get me wrong, I love talking with kids, I just don’t like talking to them. Like from a stage. When they’re all sitting on the gym floor. Staring at me. Wiggling. Expecting me to pull a rabbit out of my hat or introduce a magic unicorn that farts rainbows.

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Brian Williams was supposed to be a high-powered, highly paid businessman. In college, he was ranked as the top business student in the country, as in the entire United States. Only, when he got out into the real world, he found he wasn’t crazy about some of the shadier practices happening behind the scenes.

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