I have a secret.

I do not like talking to kids.

Don’t get me wrong, I love talking with kids, I just don’t like talking to them. Like from a stage. When they’re all sitting on the gym floor. Staring at me. Wiggling. Expecting me to pull a rabbit out of my hat or introduce a magic unicorn that farts rainbows.

Speaking to kids about kindness means 95% entertainment and 5% content. You have to get their attention before your message earns a permanent spot in their brains.

I’ve tried it. I want to be good at it. I’m just not. I never get booed off the stage, it’s just not my strong suit, so I never leave an event thinking, “Yeah! Nailed it.”

I got to talk with a guy who is really, really good at talking to kids. He’s also really good at backflips, which probably helps.

Brian Williams is a Kindness Ninja. He started a movement called Think Kindness. He and his team began working with schools to activate and count one million acts of kindness.

When they got to a million, they quit counting, but they didn’t stop their kindness mission.

Using his martial arts skills and the art of competition, Brian speaks to kids and then motivates them to create their own kindness teams within the school.

His efforts have even become global, with high school students actually hand-delivering kindness to kids in Africa.

It’s amazing, but hey, why am I telling you about it when he can tell you himself?

Brian Williams, Kindness Ninja Extraordinaire, is this week’s guest on The Kindness Podcast.

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