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Have I ever mentioned I have the happiest email inbox of anyone in the world?

Seriously. Who else gets messages each day telling them about all the good things going on in our communities?

I love writing this column so much I would do it for free (but don’t tell my boss that)! I recently got an email from Becky Salberg, of ... Read More

Ever had Lasik surgery? It’s a total trip. They put you in a room and have you watch a video about the 40 million ways you could go blind. After the video, when you’re thoroughly convinced this is something you should NOT do, they give you a valium and begin!

At least that’s how it went for me. I had it ... Read More

Many of us – including me – take our biggest blessings for granted. Not only do I overlook everyday blessings, but I am quite often ungrateful for the biggest gifts in my life.

Instead of being grateful for the ability to hear my rambunctious boys, I tell them to be quiet.

Instead of being grateful for the ability to see my daughter’s ... Read More