I just went on the second tallest roller coaster in the WORLD! Saul brought us all to Cleveland for the Memorial Day weekend. It’s part of our philosophy that if we just keep moving, we won’t have time to think about cancer. I like that philosophy. I keep thinking maybe cancer won’t be able to find us if we get out of town quickly. And then I remember that it’s in me. And as fast as I run, I cannot seem to get away from myself.

But I got pretty close while spending the day at Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio. We went on about 15 different roller coasters, all of varying degrees of freakiness. Top Thrill Dragster is the alpha. Charlie has been watching youtube videos of that coaster since he was about 3. Today, at age 9, he and his momma and his sister finally got to tame the ride.

Okay, we didn’t tame the ride. We screamed our heads off. The ride shoots you out and straight up 427 feet into the air at 120 miles an hour. Then, while up in the air, you go over a tiny curve and come straight back down again. The entire thing is over in 17 seconds.

I felt like I was skydiving. Or streaking naked through centerfield of a major league baseball field. It was totally exhilarating. For 17 seconds, I almost outran cancer. Almost.