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Sometimes it’s not the first blow that knocks us down, it’s the second or the third.

We can hold it together for the initial bad news, but all too quickly comes a totally unrelated problem that causes us to come unglued. I think they call that the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Jolene Rohde has been going through a tough time. ... Read More

We never really know what someone’s going through, do we?

The clerk at the grocery store who stands on her feet all day and then goes home to take care of an ailing parent. The teacher who pours lessons of kindness and sharing into beautiful little hearts and then realizes she’s been sharing her husband with another woman. The teen who ... Read More

I’m a sucker for a Hallmark movie. Love is in the air when the owner of a small-town bakery falls for the big-city developer who intends to shut her down, but then has a change of heart and sweeps in to save the building from demolition. Somebody hand me a bucket of popcorn and a hot cocoa.

In real life, love ... Read More

What if I told you there is a group of people who are going to accomplish 5,000 acts of kindness in just 15 days? Think it can be done?

What if I told you most of those people still live in their parents’ houses? And don’t have jobs? And wear “PAW Patrol” pajamas each night?

The people taking on this massive kindness ... Read More

Have you ever seen kindness ripple through a room? It happened just the other day in Sioux Falls, S.D.

The Edith Sanford Breast Center put on an amazing conference for survivors and I got to talk about using kindness during a cancer journey.

When I finished speaking, the emcee took the mic and told the crowd that one of the survivors wanted ... Read More

There are things in life that are too heavy for words. We don’t know what to say, so we say nothing at all.

I know I’ve been guilty of turning away from someone in their time of need because I couldn’t imagine anything I could say or do to lift their burden. Have you ever felt that way?

Maybe the point isn’t ... Read More

There is a wedding dress out there that’s missing its bride. Could it be you or someone you know?

I got a letter from Gail Richardson, who is keeping the gown until the perfect bride steps forward.

“I manage our church thrift shop, and a while ago, a brand-new wedding gown came in. The tags on it say David’s Bridal and it ... Read More

People often ask me about maintaining their safety while pursuing a brave and kind life. How do we know if we’re supposed to give a homeless person money, or stop to help the car on the side of the road?

My answer might sound flippant, but I mean it sincerely: follow your heart. If your heart says “stop,” then stop. If ... Read More

Have you ever heard anyone say, “Oh yay! I get to go to the hospital!”

Other than the occasional pregnant lady, I doubt it.

I imagine, like me, you’re glad you have access to quality medical care, but hope you don’t have to use it very often.

However, many times we find the greatest kindness when we are physically or emotionally wounded and ... Read More

Some people say I have a new book out. I say you have a new book out.

Two years ago, I took 100 of my favorite kindness stories, the ones you have been sending in since 2011, and I put them in a book. We called that book “Kindness is Contagious: 100 Stories to Remind You God is Good and So ... Read More