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Have you ever gone viral?

Me neither — unless you count winning a car on “The Price is Right,” but that’s not really fame as much as it is a quick brush with fortune (until we had to pay taxes on the car I won).

My friend Don Carter has gone viral. Back in 2017, he met a woman working at a ... Read More

Do you ever wonder if your kids or grandkids are going to turn out OK? I’ve spent more hours than I can count worrying about what my kids eat (or refuse to eat).

I try so hard not to micromanage them, but gosh it’s hard. When we’re away from the dinner table, I wonder if they’re reading enough. Should we be ... Read More

Are you done? Have you finished all the hustle and bustle that comes with creating the magic of the season? If so, good for you! (Now can you come to my house and help me?)

If not, take heart. Ironically, it’s in the midst of our craziest schedules that we are most blessed with the chance to show other people they ... Read More

Once upon a time, this happened:

Cozys for the Cure are in some Walmart stores now (mainly in the southern states), but will be in many more stores in October. Look for them in the Housewares department. They are $1.97 and there are seven designs. Perfect for gift giving!



Most of the time I go to Walmart, I am showered and wearing real clothes. I say most of the time, because I have been known to make a quick run for supplies in my pajamas.

My most recent trip to the store included me, not only showered, but also wearing mascara, lipstick, black pants and a stylish blue shirt. A ... Read More

I think I know how Tiffany felt the first time she heard her song, I Think We’re Alone Now, played on the radio. Go ahead, take a trip back to 1987. I’ll wait…

Okay, onto my story. I was walking through Walmart, browsing the Easter candy aisle when a beautiful woman about my age, stopped me.

“Excuse me, but are ... Read More

There must be something in the water, or maybe back-to-school time brings out the best in people. Whatever the case, I’ve gotten to hear lots of great stories lately that I want to share with you.

Like this one from Sandy:

“The most awesome thing happened to me today. I am moved beyond words. I went to Wal-Mart to purchase my classroom ... Read More