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Have you ever been on one of those vacations that requires an additional vacation just to recover?

My dear friend, Ann, celebrated a special wedding anniversary with a trip to Europe with her husband. Ann deals with a lot of chronic pain, so you can imagine the toll that flight took on her body. Luckily, Ann knows the power of kindness ... Read More

Have you ever found a penny on the ground and thought, “WOO HOO! I’m rich!”

Yeah, me neither.

I do like pennies though. Several years ago I got something in my head about pennies from Heaven so now when I find one randomly lying on my laundry room floor I think about how much God loves me.

That’s a nice feeling.

Saul has a ... Read More

I made it to Myrtle Beach! That was the biggest thing about having the surgery. I didn’t want to miss this family vacation that we have had planned for almost a year, but I also didn’t want to go and end up bringing home a nasty infection as a souvenir. In the end, it all worked out just fine. I ... Read More