I made it to Myrtle Beach! That was the biggest thing about having the surgery. I didn’t want to miss this family vacation that we have had planned for almost a year, but I also didn’t want to go and end up bringing home a nasty infection as a souvenir. In the end, it all worked out just fine. I am here, and my body is healing physically while the sound of the ocean calms my mind.IMG_3709

I have a strict rule never to tell the internet when I’m on vacation or out of town, but since my house and big vicious guard dog are being well cared for, I figured I’d break my rule just this once. Because I have story for you that just can’t wait…

My daughter Jordan and I arrived at the brand new Hilton, Ocean 22, at about noon on Saturday. We got all checked in and the man at the front desk directed us over to the concierge to pick up our free passes to area attractions. Now, lets be honest, giving away free passes is the “in” the concierge needs so he/she can talk to you about perhaps touring the property and perhaps buying into membership of the Hilton Grand Vacations Club. I was prepared for that, but when the woman finally asked, “When would be a good time for you to tour the area?” I sighed. I said the only thing I could think of… “Um, I have breast cancer. I had a mastectomy 3 weeks ago and a follow up surgery yesterday. I’m tired. Would it be okay if I just… skip it?”

Without missing a beat or looking the least bit insulted, the woman smiled, said she was sorry and told me that would be no problem. She went on to give Jordan all the maps and passes and inside scoop on what to do & see, while I stood there and listened. Then the woman turned back to me. “Okay, one more thing I have to tell you before you go.” At this point she locked her gaze with mine, reached across the desk and grabbed my hand. “I’m a survivor, too. You need to know you’re going to be okay. You need to know that God will use this test as your testimony.”

As soon as she said it, the other woman behind the desk who had been busy pretending to work, put her hands on top of ours and said, “I’m a survivor, too! She’s right! You’re going to get through this and be better than ever!”

Tears started streaming down my face as these two beautiful strangers loved up on me with words of hope and encouragement. I will never forget them as long as I live. It was like God placed them there, just when I was feeling so alone and so crippled by pain and exhaustion, to let me know that He is still good and He is still in control.

As Jordan and I rode up the elevator to our room, I asked her, “Honey, did it embarrass you when I talked to those women and started to cry?”

“Not at all, Mom. I’m pretty used to things like that happening when you’re around.”

Yep. Like it or not, these days, I bring the real. Apparently other survivors do, too.