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I sat alone in a small sterile room for 75 minutes yesterday waiting to see a doctor. I had already taken my top off and was wearing the white robe with the pink collar they give to all the breast cancer patients.

At some point I gave up on the straight chair and decided to catch a little nap on the ... Read More

The funny thing about cancer drugs is that they seem to spit out side-effects cyclically.

I don’t always get hot flashes. They come in waves. Every few weeks I wake up hot and sweaty and know that for a few days I’m going to have some uncomfortable nights. Then just when I think I can’t stand it anymore, the hot flashes ... Read More

Some days seem to count more than others when it comes to cancer. May 14th? The day I found out I had breast cancer. July 14th? The day I had my mastectomy. April 26th? My reconstruction surgery.

Before my eyes even bothered to blink open this morning, I knew what day it was. August 19th. The day I found out the ... Read More

I’m 40 years old and I feel like I’m going through menopause. Thanks cancer. More specifically, thanks Tamoxifen. The drug that will keep me from getting breast cancer again seems to have finally infiltrated my system.

I’m being melodramatic. It’s actually not that bad. There are a host of side-effects (like rashes, swelling, blistering, itchiness, yellow eyes, blood clots and ... Read More

Dear 2233,

Do you mind if I call you that? I know your real name is Tamoxifen, but that seems kind of formal. And the numbers on you say 2233. Maybe I could call you 22 for short?

So 22, it sounds like we’re going to be together for a while, like maybe ten years, so I figured it’d be nice ... Read More

Two heads are better than one, and two opinions are better than one — as long as those two opinions match.

My husband and I are off on a romantic getaway to get a second opinion on my future breast cancer medication.

Doctor #1 suggested Tamoxifen with no chemo.

Doctor #2 suggested Tamoxifen with no chemo.

Praise the Lord, we have ... Read More

I’m cancer-free! The medical oncologist suggested I take an anti-estrogen pill, called Tamoxifen, for the next ten years just to make sure no nasty cells get a foot-hold, but it appears that I will not need chemo. It is truly the best case scenario!

Because of my age, Saul and I have decided to get a second opinion with the hope ... Read More