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I have never seen so many chill teenagers and nervous adults in my life. I made a snap decision to make my way from Aberdeen, South Dakota to Louisville, Kentucky because my daughter was one of six finalists for the National Speech and Debate Student of the Year. Considering it’s whittled down from like 100,000 kids, it’s sort ... Read More

Is it enough as a parent to live your life with kindness and hope your kids catch on? Or is kindness something that needs to be intentional?

What sort of resources do kids even have the ability to give?

It turns out quite a few!

Susan Crites Price is an expert on family philanthropy. She has a great book called Generous Genes: Raising ... Read More

If I were left to my own devices, there is no way you would be reading this kindness column right now.

I know nothing about printing a newspaper or scheduling delivery routes. I know even less about how the internet works and how to get the newspaper on a home computer.

The only way I’m able to get out this message of ... Read More