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My husband is not a reader. Unless you count ESPN.com or a variety of online news sources, he pretty much goes for human interaction before settling into a good book.

He has been known to read the atlas in the bathtub, but since that’s mainly pictures, I’m not sure it counts.

Imagine my surprise when I walked onto the back ... Read More

It just occurred to me I haven’t written in weeks. Well, I have written, I just haven’t written this blog.

Wanna hear all my awesome excuses?

School got out and I forgot what day of the week it was.
And I went on long bike rides with my kids.
And I built a second home at the baseball fields.

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Clearly I am in summertime mode, because I woke up this morning and had no idea what day it was.

Or should I be saying “is”? See? I’m losing my grip on the English language. It must be summer.

Just after I realized it’s a blog day, I came to a second realization. I have forgotten to collect stories this week to ... Read More

It’s the first day of summer vacation and I am behind. My kids are slowly rolling out of bed, lazily slurping their way up onto the couch and zoning like zombies in front of the TV. It’s Day One and we’re turning into a family of sloths.

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