Clearly I am in summertime mode, because I woke up this morning and had no idea what day it was.

Or should I be saying “is”? See? I’m losing my grip on the English language. It must be summer.

Just after I realized it’s a blog day, I came to a second realization. I have forgotten to collect stories this week to share with you.

One might think stories just manifest from daily life and patiently wait in my head for me to retrieve them. That, unfortunately, is not the case. Most things that enter my brain leave my brain a short while later.

I choose to blame it on summertime instead of age, but you never know…

So anyway, I stumbled groggily into the bathroom this morning only to see this:

My niece took this photo in “portrait mode” so I look extra fancy. I also made her cut off my head since it’s 8am and I’m in summertime mode.

This is me in my pajamas. Note the t-shirt.

It’s says Fear less, Life is Good.

Standing in front of the bathroom mirror, I immediately thought, That is what I want to say today. That is what I want to remind my tribe — and myself.

Life IS good. It’s really, really good; even when it’s not.

So today,

instead of worrying about what I’m getting done or not getting done in a timely manner,

instead of fretting about what trials may be waiting down the road,

instead of fearing what other people might think if I put a bra-less photo of myself in my pajama shirt on the internet,

I’m going to fear less and fun more. After all, it is summertime.

Won’t you join me?